Terms & Conditions

of Trip Bookings

Please find below some information that you may find useful. This includes our contact details, joining instructions, safety matters and catering plus other information.


If you need to contact us about a booking please ring our booking office on 02476 374674 or send an email to mike@hargreavesnarrowboat.co.uk If you need to cancel or postpone a booking please let us know as early as possible, before we allocate our crew.

The Hargreaves Narrowboat Trust reserves the right to invoice the user for a trip being cancelled less than 24 hours before the trip (So the crew can be stood down)


The Hargreaves Narrowboat is moored adjacent to Bridge 20 on the Coventry Canal. The full address is Bridge Street, Coton, Nuneaton CV10 7FD. We do not have on-site parking but there is adequate roadside parking on Bridge Street.

The attached confirmation letter gives all the necessary information regarding your trip.


The Hargreaves Narrowboat does not provide food but free drinks are available. There are hot drink making facilities in the galley – please help yourself.


The toilet is suitable for people with disabilities.


The crew, a qualified skipper, aided by one or two trained volunteers, is responsible for the boat and its safe handling. User groups are responsible for their own catering, well-being and conduct and, if appropriate, must be properly supervised.


For the benefit of all our passengers, group leaders are asked to manage children (and adults) and the boat will be stopped and the party spoken to if disruptive. If improvement is not forthcoming the skipper may terminate the trip and ask the party to make their own way back to the pick-up point.


Passenger safety is the responsibility of the crew and group leaders working together. Each group will be given a pre–trip safety talk by the crew. Group leaders must ensure that safety procedures are adhered to by all passengers. It is the responsibility of the group leaders whilst the passengers are not on board the boat.


Group leaders are responsible for the well-being and care of their group members. This includes moving wheelchair users and giving any physical assistance to passengers who may need help.

There is a first aid kit on board which is available for use by the group leaders. The crew are not first aid trained.

Your group must not exceed twelve persons. Children and babies must be included in the twelve. We can accommodate 3 wheelchair users on each trip but these must be included in the twelve and 1 must be able to transfer to the available seating. We are sorry but we cannot accommodate electric wheelchairs.

Dogs are not permitted on trips with the exception of service dogs.

Late arrival at our pick up point may impact the length of the trip or may result in a late return.

The Hargreaves Narrowboat Trust will not be held responsible for delay or cancellation due to unforeseeable circumstances such as mechanical failure. Every effort will be made to rectify the situation to enable the trip to go ahead.