Hargreaves II

In 2021 we launched Hargreaves II, our brand new all-electric narrowboat. Our new boat has been carefully designed to better serve the needs of our passengers as well as reducing our carbon footprint by the reliance on solar energy. You can read more about our journey to getting Hargreaves II successfully launched below.

Our brand new narrowboat

The original Hargreaves Narrowboat was acquired by The Trust over 26 years ago and even before then it was being used for similar purposes by The Bernard Sunley Trust going back to 1976! You can find out more about the history of The Hargreaves Narrowboat in our History Archives pages.

The Hargreaves Narrowboat is in constant daily use from April to October and demand for trips from our local community outweighs trip availability.

New narrowboats are obviously costly and funding of the build has been made possible by grants received from various national organisations along with an award from The National Lottery Community Fund.

Our new 64ft narrowboat is pretty unique and right up to date with eco-friendly technology which removes the need for any carbon emitting fuels (no diesel or gas onboard).

Because our boat is in daily use we wanted to contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases and so we have gone all electric.

You can read more on the specification of our new boat further down this page. Furthermore, the onboard state of the art electronics systems will provide the ability to monitor all aspects of the narrowboat, from the basics of boat speed and fresh water levels to information on most effective propeller RPM to maximise available power.

We have thought carefully about our passengers comfort too with the design. Many passengers are elderly and infirm and access to a narrowboat is never easy.

The clever design incorporates a hydraulic passenger lift inside the rear cabin, disabled access WC, extra large windows to allow viewing whilst seated, fully fitted galley, level floor from cabin to covered bow (front) outdoor viewing area and many more features.

We are currently planning for the brand new Hargreaves Narrowboat to be fully operational by 21st June 2021 when we can once again hopefully begin to provide day trips for the local community on the Coventry, Ashby and Oxford Canals.

Build Gallery

Transfer for Fit Out

Fit Out Begins

Battery Install

The Build Continues

Nearing Completion

The 'Hargreaves II' is Complete



Below are a few detailed specifications of the new Hargreaves Narrowboat

  • Length: 19.50m (64’)
  • Beam: 2.10m (6’10”)
  • Steel Spec: 10/6/5/5mm 275 JR A Grade
  • Water Draft: Approx. 610mm (24”)
  • Air Draft: Approx 1,600mm (5’3”)
  • Cabin Head Height: Approx 6’2” at Centre


Built to conform to the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU design category D, which is considered to be designed for use on inland waterways with a wind force up to and including 4, and significant wave heights up to and including 0.3m with occasional waves of 0.5m maximum height.


  • 48V Lynch Motors “Swordfish 16” Double Marine Drive System
  • Motor: 2 x Lem 200 D135 (8kW, 180A Full Load Current each)
  • Battery Bank: 24 x Ritar DC2 1000C 2v Lead Carbon Batteries providing a bank capacity of 1000Ah at 48v providing range of 10 hours

Battery Charging

12 x 160W Aluminium backed semi flexible solar panels (for 48V battery charging) wired in series and parallel to give a maximum working voltage of 80.8V total Watts of 1920W, 23.7A.

Heating And Lighting

  • 230V clay core electric storage radiators with thermostatic control
  • Low voltage LED down lighters throughout


  • Power lift Electro hydraulic scissor lift at rear of cabin, 350kg rated load with platform size 1600x800mm, lift time 32 seconds
  • Rear stairs as alternative to lift access when lift not required