Springwood Haven

Trip duration 1½ hours each way

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A relatively short trip along the Coventry Canal but one that will leave behind the town and enter the tranquil setting north of Nuneaton.

The trip to Springwood Haven takes 1½ hours each way, plus any time you want to spend at the gift shop, or moored up somewhere nice as you have your self-catered lunch.

What to See

Starting from Bridge 20 on the Coventry Canal and heading North, this trip is semi-rural as it passes through the outskirts on Nuneaton before reaching open countryside.

The first point of interest is on the left as we pass Starline Boats who manufacture, service and repair canal boats (known as narrowboats). You may possibly see boats out of the water. Note the shape of the hull, rudder and propeller.

As we go along under Cat Gallows footbridge you will see the Greenmoor Road allotments and then we reach bridge 21 (still known by its old names of Wash Lane/Cock & Bear). By the flats you will see where the canal is widened to form a winding hole (place wide enough to turn a narrowboat).

Skirting around the edge of Tuttle Hill, we reach open countryside and you will see Caldecote Hall on your right and in the distance Horiba Mira vehicle technology centre.

Along this stretch the main line railway runs in the distance. Bridge 22a is a Railway Bridge – note the steel trusses with brick arches.

On the towpath you will see an original 12 bar telegraph pole originally used to carry telephone wires. You may also spot the occasional manhole cover which is where new internet fibre optics have been installed.

Springwood Haven is the home of workshops, chandlery and souvenir shop, as well as many colourful narrowboats.


There are no options for pubs on this trip, so self-catering is your only choice.

It works well and it is particularly nice to eat on board either when moored out in the countryside or when cruising.

Ice creams can be purchased at the gift shop.