Battery Power

Batteries ready to install

Our Batteries Have Arrived!

Did you know the brand new Hargreaves Narrowboat will be powered entirely by batteries? 

We’ve committed to an all electric narrowboat as part of our long term plan to reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment in which we operate.  This will mean no polluting diesel fumes, no noisy engine and no reliance on LPG for cooking.

These batteries are the power source for the twin electric motor pack that will propel The Hargreaves for many years to come.  Being recharged from a photovoltaic solar panel array on the cabin roof as well as overnight charging from shore power the batteries will provide a minimum of 10 hours power to the motors between charges and have a minimum life expectancy of 20 years.

Fitted into the hull of the narrowboat they double up as ballast as well.

We’re really enjoying following the progress of the build of the all new Hargreaves Narrowboat and thank Ortomarine for keeping us updated with photographs.

We’ve included some technical information on the electric propulsion system below for those interested:

Technical Specification:

Battery Bank ‐ 24 x Leoch DC2‐1000C 2v Lead Carbon Batteries providing a bank capacity of 1000Ah @
48V (C10 rating) – giving approx. 10hrs range at current draw of 60A before charge required (current
draw depends upon conditions and speed of travel). Manufacturer’s quoted design Life = 20 years.
Approx. 3,000 cycles at 60% DOD. 

Propulsion System – 48V Lynch Motors “Swordfish 16” Double Marine Drive System:

  • Motor: 2 x Lem 200‐D135 (8kW, 180A Full Load Current each)
  • Monitoring of prop RPM along with battery voltage and current, displayed on boat monitoring screen mounted in control column, to assist the helmsman to optimize battery use

‐ 3 blade right‐hand bronze propeller with stainless steel prop shaft

Solar panels – 12 x 160W Aluminium backed semi‐flexible solar panels (for 48V battery charging) wired in series and parallel to give a maximum working voltage of 80.8V, total Watts of 1920W, 23.7A