Hargreaves comes out the water for new Propeller


Work has been underway to prepare for the 2018 season for The Hargreaves.  Our new season gets under way on 3rd April with a trip for a private party.

The work has included a brief period out of the water at the Boot Wharf, Nuneaton.

The Lift

The lift took place courtesy of Star Line Boats  who operate from the Boot Wharf.  It takes a pretty big crane to lift a 70ft Narrowboat but as you can see all went successfully on the day.

Hargreaves Boat Lift March 2018
Hargreaves Boat Lift March 2018 (2)

Work Undertaken

During the brief period out of the water the hull has received three new coats of black paint and a shiny new propeller has been fitted to ensure the 2018 season runs as smoothly as possible.  The prop was won at Crick Boat Show last year by one of our team and was kindly donated to the boat show by Michigan Marine Propulsion

Hargreaves New Propeller

Additional work to get ready for the new season has included a full interior repaint and new carpet.

Hargreaves new interior