Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that are asked the most by our passengers...

Do you provide refreshments on board?

We provide refreshments in the form of hot drinks from our small galley

Do you provide meals or pub reservations?

Food options is a very personal choice. We do not provide meals or pub reservations but can advise on suitable choices for your party.  You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink. Some trips do not have an option for a meal in a canal side pub anyway and this will be your only option.  We do ask that if you bring your own food you take all waste away with you.

How many passengers can The Hargreaves carry?

The Hargreaves is licenced and insured to carry a maximum of 12 passengers/carers. This is in addition to the qualified Captain and two Competent Crew members.

What destinations does the Hargreaves go to?

Please see our Day Trips information pages which list all destinations and trip times which do not allow for any stops along the way so please consider this when working out your total trip time.

What if I have to cancel a trip?

We understand that situations sometimes require cancellation.  The income from donations ensures our narrowboat can continue to operate.  We do not charge any cancellation fees, however please let us know as soon as possible so we can offer the trip date to others.

Will we need to wear a lifejacket whilst onboard?

We carry life jackets for children and our volunteer crew may wear life jackets but otherwise these are not mandatory. 

How much is a trip on The Hargreaves?

As a registered charity, we rely solely on voluntary donations to cover all our boat costs, but as a guide, please consider a minimum of £80 for a day during the week and a minimum of £100 for trips at the weekend, shared among the passengers.

How to a make a donation for my trip?

You can make payment to the captain during your trip or direct to our admin offices if preferred.

How deep is the canal?

All canals vary in depth. The Coventry Canal is between 4 and 6ft deep in the middle channel and around 2ft deep at the edges.  The deep channel in most places will allow two narrowboats to pass side by side.  Remember canals were all dug by hand so the minimum depth was maintained to speed up the construction process.

The more rural Ashby Canal is generally narrower and shallower in places than the Coventry Canal.

What facilities are onboard The Hargreaves?

Passengers have the use of a small galley with facilities for making hot drinks. We also have large panoramic windows, central heating and a toilet onboard.

Do the crew onboard The Hargreaves get paid?

All volunteer Trustees, Captains and Crew do not receive any renumeration and give up their time to ensure the boat remains safe and operational for the community.

Can the Hargreaves cater for wheelchair / disabled passengers?

Yes – the Hargreaves has an external ramp and an internal hydraulic lift, suitable for standard wheelchairs (max. 27” wide) and disabled passengers with assistance. The same applies to the toilet. We cater for a maximum of 3 standard wheelchairs, providing one of them can be transferred to our seating and their wheelchair folded-up for storage.

Who looks after and manages the canal?

The Canal and River Trust (CRT) volunteers maintain the 2,000 miles of canals, towpaths, shrubbery, as well as carry out restoration projects. The Hargreaves volunteers also do their bit, with plastic litter picking from the canal and cutting back shrubbery as/when safely possible.

Can we re-book another trip whilst aboard?

All bookings are managed via our Booking Office, either on our web site, or email or telephone 02476 374674. (Please note our booking office is run by volunteers also so you may need to leave a voicemail).